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Natural Hoof Care Practitioner
B.S. in Equine Studies

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From the day my life began I knew I was going to spend the rest of it with horses.  I was always infatuated by their effortless beauty and the spiritual presence each and every horse offered.  I started riding at a stable at the age of three and that's where the dreams began.  I begged and begged for a horse and finally convinced my parents that when my sister graduated highschool we could start looking.  On the day of her graduation my smile reached from ear to ear, not because she had just completed a milestone in her life but because I was finally going to get my very own horse.  That’s when I met Chief - the inspiration to all my endeavors.  I always had dreams of becoming a horse trainer but in 2012 natural hoof care practitioner, Geri White, gave a talk at a local horse club I went to and I was instantly hooked.  I began observing her work and traveling on the road with her in the summertime.  By the age of 14 I had been accepted into the Equine Sciences Academy as their youngest student and began trimming my own horses with Geri’s guidance.  I have always approached horse care and handling from a natural standpoint but when I graduated high school I wanted to get a taste of both worlds so I attended Centenary University.  During my years there I was part of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association and the Intercollegiate Dressage Association.  I also worked at a myriad of barns including Centenary’s,  and involved myself in as many equine activities as possible.  I completed Centenary in three years graduating with a degree in Equine Studies in 2020.



Soul. Body. Hoof.

As a professional I offer a whole horse approach and go beyond just a trim.  A healthy hoof can only grow from a healthy horse, therefore we must transcend past the hoof and look deeper into the horse's body.  A problem in the horse’s hoof can stem from diet, saddle fit, environment and much more.  I believe in approaching horse care as natural as we can from a domestic environment and educating the owner on how and why that is possible.




Chief  1990 - October 21, 2020

Chief was my breathtaking Leopard Appaloosa that joined our family in 2009 as my very first horse.  Growing up next to him, he taught me many lessons that I will forever take with me as I continue this journey called life.  Chief was a quirky, fun boy and had a personality and presence like no other.  He had chronic uveitis which was a struggle for many years,  as he got older he was completely blind and Harley began to try and “rid” him from the herd because he was a danger to the safety of the rest of the horses.  Because of this we had to separate Chief from the herd, Misty became his one on one and they were inseparable.  In August of 2017 Chief had colic surgery where a foot of intestine and a strangulating lipoma the size of a grapefruit were removed.  He recovered extremely fast from this and was back to normal life within two weeks.  As time went on his uveitis was becoming too painful to bear so in 2018 he had a bilateral enucleation.  With the source of the pain finally exiting his body his demeanor became much more relaxed and pleasant, we knew we had made the right decision for him.  In October of 2020 we had to say goodbye to our lovely Chief.  

It is Chief I dedicate all my dreams and successes in the Equine Industry to, he showed me my path and inspired me to become the best version of myself.  He showed me a love unparalleled and I will forever hear his powerful thunder as he rumbles those hooves across the sky. 

Sunny is a beautiful Rocky Mountain/Quarter Horse cross palomino gelding.  He became part of our herd in 2009 as a companion for my beloved Chief.  When he arrived he was instantly home and was chosen as herd leader.  Sunny came to us shod all around with a therapeutic shoe on an injured hind hoof. Within two days he pulled all four shoes and decided it was time to be barefoot.  Although his hoof may not look perfect he has worn his injured hoof to best suit his movement, I cater to his needs when trimming, and he is completely sound barefoot, even on rocky trails.  

He has a wonderful heart and has taught myself and others many lessons over the years.  Sunny holds a valuable spot in both our herd and our hearts  

Harley is our very special 2006 Morgan/Appaloosa cross who has given me the wonderful gift of patience.  He came to us as a fresh four year old in 2010 with very little training.  Harley has a very unique personality and is one of the most loving and smartest horses I have come across.  He yearns to please in every way possible but has presented us with many challenges, teaching us a myriad of valuable lessons along the way.  From day one he has had the most beautiful gravel crushing hooves, never skipping a beat in his soundness.  Harley’s job is to keep our herd moving around all day long and he takes it very seriously.

Ellie is our gorgeous mare both inside and out.  She is a gaited mustang from one of the only two gaited herds of wild mustangs in the Western United States.  She came from a very unfortunate situation, underweight and lacking much nutrition with a colt by her side. Her colt's name was Apple Jax, he went to another home and unfortunately passed from colic a few months after Ellie had joined us.  She was very distrusting of humans when she came to us and took about three years to truly learn she could put trust into us.  She was a diamond in the rough and has grown into a beautiful soul with so much to offer.

Picasso, our 2009 blue eyed painted pony came to our herd as a foster from Rosemary Farm Sanctuary with his buddy Basil.  We quickly fell in love with his quirky personality and adopted him and Basil in 2013.  When he was rescued he was living in a garage by himself and had foundered pretty badly, because of this he is a very special case when trimming and requires extra hoof wall to stay sound.  Picasso has so much potential and loves anything we do with him as long as it involves being in your presence.  His piercing blue eyes dig deep into your sole as he snatches you up with his infectious, goofy, fun disposition.

Misty or “Mama” as she has earned the name of, is our wonderful 2001 miniature mare who came to us in 2009.  She has given us so many gifts throughout her years here I can’t even begin to count them all.  With the amount of love she offers, she equals it with the amount of sass she gives.  It doesn’t matter how big the other horses are around her, they better watch out because Misty’s coming through.  Teaching little girls and boys how to ride and act around equines is one of her favorite things to do.  When Chief could no longer be turned out with the rest of the herd, Misty became his forever sidekick with a bell around her neck so he could always find her.  The two of them were inseparable and she sacrificed many things to keep our man company over the years, something we will always be grateful to her for.

Last but not least our two lovable donkeys.  Basil came to us as a four year old under foster care from Rosemary Farm in 2012 with little Picasso.  He was extremely skittish and has grown into a brave young man but only on his terms and when he really really wants to be.  Marigold was also adopted from Rosemary Farm but came straight to us from her previous home in 2016.  She is extremely lovable and thrives on one on one attention.  The reason we decided to adopt Marigold was because at one time Basil and her had been pasture mates and if you know donkeys you know they never forget.  As soon as Marigold came off the trailer and caught wind of her old friend she dragged me down the driveway braying as Basil came galloping out of the woods to greet her.  From that day on they have been inseparable and spend every moment together.


Don't hesitate to get in touch with me for any reason, the best way to contact me is through email.

Prattsville, NY 12468

(518) 527-3637


(518) 527-3637

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